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Today I had a meeting/drive-through with the District Park manager (Diane Gildemaster)and Tuthill Park manager.
The first big change will be that they are puting new locks on the baskets. Apparently they want total control of when the baskets are moved because they plan to do some seeding around the pins. I will only have access to a key when we have a tournament. A little upsetting, but whatever. I stressed that there will need to be regular rotation of the baskets between placements - starting with asking for every 2 weeks, and pointed out how easy it is to do when they have carts. The park manager wanted only monthly rotations, and we agreed on every 2-4 weeks. We also talked about new signage. Options discussed included DGA signage like at the Big Sioux but single paned, and signs similar to what they have in Spearfish at thier new course. Diane knows the park manager there well, and will be contacting them. I also told them that painting of red lines on the tees needs to stop/be removed. Mgr indicated they would just stop painting them.
We discussed somne tree planting. I will be putting together an aerial map with suggested sites for planting over the next couple years as trees become available. Alot of dicussion about how disc golf is causing erosion/large, ugly dirt areas around tees and pins. I pointed out that regular rotation of the baskets and an additional course would help. Kinda irritating that they have the notion that they need to fix damage disc golf has done, considering the number of participants. More wood chips, some efforts at planting some other types of ground cover vegitation. Better news in next post.

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We will be getting additional basket locations on holes 8, 16, and 18. After having to actually argue about whether there ever have been b locations on these holes (never have been, but they know there were!!), we looked at locations. On hole 8 my location up to the left 50-60 yrds was vetoed. To much erosion possible there. The only other location was short to the right close to path to warming house. She liked that location. What the heck its just a sleeve. On # 16, the location down into the woods was vetoed, so we picked a spot up the grassy hill towards the houses quite a ways. It will be a difficult shot through new lanes under the trees - might need some trimming. On 18 we will be opening up the gap right behind the basket, and puting a b location quite a ways up to the left. This will be a fun power-hyzer skip shot for a birdie!

I was not given a time frame on these additions. Oh yeah, the idea of permanent island markers for hole 1 was shot down. Not a great meeting, but some positive things should result. I think people need to start calling the parks dept with suggestions. More calls on basket moving frequency. I have done what I can in arguing with them about improving things. I'm just about fed up wih it. I guess Diane is also under the impression that they will be moving forward with the Spencer/Tomar course , and that it may be in the current CIP plan, so keep your fingers crossed. We need to have a meeting to discuss getting this process actually moving while the money is there.

We should find out if there is a park manager for spencer/tomar like there is for Tuthill. A direct in person meeting with this person with our club would probably have the most impact since it seems the parks department gives these parks managers total control of their parks.

Also during this meeting we should get the names of the superiors (the source of the "money") of these parks managers and open a dialog with those people as well. It would be beneficial for the whole community for our club to be involved to make sure a new course gets done the right way.

I know that a few of us have already laid out holes out there in our minds and on paper, but my guess is the parks department already has a very specific area that they want us in, and we will have to work within that area as best as possible. If they give us free reign of the whole area, then we can pull from the ideas that have alread been discussed.

I'm glad that they are open to the idea of more pin placements. It's obvious that erosion control has taken priority for them right now. It sounds like they are not willing to put any new placements in spots that don't already have a bed of grass. Hopefully they keep their word on the basket movement. Bummer that they want control over the locks, but I can see it from their point of view as well. If they want to get some grass growing, it make sense.

Thanks for sharing John.

Just to add to to this: I have tried contacting the developmental planner and parks director several times to find out when they are going to start the design phase for the course(s) to go in next year and all I have been told is that it is on their radar and they will be contacting me when the time comes.

John, what was their issue with adding the additional pin locations on 8 and 16 in the woods? There are ways to landscape around pin areas to help with erosion. It is just too bad there is no one in charge that is supportive of the sport. Did you discuss alternate tee placements? Chuck Kennedy said when he designed the course that it was designed with two tees per hole, but the parks didn't follow through with the plan.

I will be meeting the actual parks and rec facilities director to discuss Spencer/Tomar. Yes, its been long established that they didn't follow through with all the pin placementd Chuck and I had set up on each hole. Several holes have been improved since the original design. I argued several points with them in trying to get the best placements we can on 8, 16, and 18. I like what they finally agreed to on 16 and 18. Unfortunately these things are ultimately thier decision.

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