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So league attendance continues to go down each passing week. Last week we only had 9 people total for Wednesday night sanctioned league, Sunday nights are hit-n-miss almost every week if there will even be enough people to play. I'm not able to attend on Thursday nights due to softball, but from the few weeks that I've been able to play, attendance wasn't through the roof, and both times there were at least 5-6 people that I recognized as previous league players who were on the course playing, but chose not to play in league.

Now I know there is a good contingent of people that read these forums, because almost every player that showed up for the Shootout tournament in Brandon a few weeks back said they heard about it through this website.

My question to those of you who read these forums but choose not to participate in our leagues we set up, is there any specific reason why you don't want to attend? Is it all due to scheduling conflicts with work/family for the weekday nights? Is it becuase we hold it at a state park and you dont' want to pay the entrance fee? Is there anything about the way we set up our league play that you don't like, division structure, etc? Why did so many local players come out of the woodwork to play in the Sanctioned Tournament, but have no interest in playing in a Sanctioned League, or either of our doubles leagues?

For those of you who I see playing on the course during league, but make the decision to just play on your own, is there any specific reason why?

These leagues are set-up by players for players, and we're always open to ideas to get people to WANT to play in our leagues. Remember that ALL of our leagues are money OPTIONAL, and you can show up any night and play for free just to compete and try to get better. Also remember that if you want, you can bring 5-6 of your buddies and make up your own division and just play against each-other for money, and get PDGA round ratings in the process.

Please take the time to reply to this forum and give us some imput, or just any ideas as to how we can try to expand our league base and get people have more interest in attending.

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I don't take any of this personally, and wasn't directing anything towards you or Brady. As far as the better course goes, I'll debate that all day long. Opinions were wanted so I threw mine out there. I've been throwing out suggestions for league since day one.
Yep, starts at 5:30PM tomorrow, we usually meet at 18's basket. Some of our regulars are playing in Worlds this week, so there probably won't be a ton of us, but it's usually enough to have a full card or two and make it interesting.

I love disc golf! Last night was the first time I had played league in roughly forever. I blame that Obama guy for the low turnout of players. clearly obamacare is keeping the disc golf enthusiasts from coming out.

i dont have a lot to put in for the whole "we need to make the league better" song and dance.

I've been able to play on and off for roughly 6 plus years. some years the league does really well, other years the league turnout is lower. i think it is super awesome fantastic that we have people putting in the effort to make it better. I think its important to identify area's of opportunity for making it better for everyone. however i think its more important to not let that discussion distract us from the idea that at the end of the day hopefully we all agree on one thing, and that is that we all love to play disc golf and we should enjoy playing disc golf w/ familiar and unfamiliar faces.

I for one had a blast at sunday doubles league. Jake was an awesome partner and i think everyone that played did so very well.

Peace and Disc!!

One thing I learned through meeting people at Worlds is how organized successful leagues are. I ran in to the guy who runs the club where I used to live in Waco, TX. Waco is about the same size as Sioux Falls, yet they have around 200 members in the WacoDGA. It probably helps that they have like 4 or more courses in the area, where as we really only have one. They have weekly minis that the club will hand out certificates to casual players around the parks that entitles them to a free buy-in, but they are still eligible to cash. He said this has really helped to spark interest in getting new players to show up or join their club.


I started playing league and tournaments to meet better players and to make new friends since the friends that I used to throw with either moved away or started making families and don't have the time or interest in the game anymore. The thing I love about our league is how welcoming and friendly everyone has been, I never got the feeling of being the odd man out in a group of friends. Everyone has been really helpful in giving advice and pointers and without them my game would not have improved as much as it has in the last two years. I would still be a low level AM. I also attribute playing Big Sioux all of the time for helping to increase my skills. I played Tuthill for 9 years and my game didn't get better until Big Sioux came along. Don't get me wrong, Tut is fun, but the challenge is really lacking there. Shooting even at Big Sioux is a much greater feeling than shooting even at Tut. The main complaint regarding league at Tut is how crowded the course gets and with Big Sioux you don't have the pressure to speed up your game because of the hordes of people trying to play through. I can understand having league at Tut for the sake of the AMs, but as far as myself goes and being that I am still in AMs, I appreciate the challenge more by playing Big Sioux each week. I mean really, who doesn't want to play competitve disc golf and not want to up their game? That's why we play league and tournaments, to better ourselves and to keep beating our best scores. And to meet awesome, like-minded people as well.


And as far as AMs not wanting to play Big Sioux, there are still so many people in Sioux Falls that play disc golf that don't even know about Big Sioux and the ones that have heard about it all say how hard they hear it is. I for one encourage every new person I meet to go out there and try it out. In the last few weeks I have taken several people out there to play it for the first time and they all loved it and felt it was an overall better course. They had also said that they will be telling everyone they know to go out there and give it a try as well.

u guys type too much

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