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Hey Everyone!  I'm new to the site, kind of new to the area, but a veteran of disc golf.  I am up here in Huron, where we have a couple small anticlimactic 9 hole courses.  I wrote an article in the course development section about seeking advice on helping a local disc golf park here in Huron.  I think a big part of what will help that park is getting more traffic in there.  I think a consistent way to build traffic and interest is starting a league.  I have never been a part of a league before, and I am curious about your experiences in them.  How does a guy start a league?  What makes it a league?  Any advice on getting a league going or what you all do with your leagues would be great.  Thanks a lot everyone! I look forward to being a part of this community.   

- Joshua

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League is a great way to really learn the sport and a great way to get better at your game by learning from everyone else. Playing league really helped to elevate my game. As far as starting a league goes, it really isn't too difficult. The hard part is just finding out what times work for the most people to be able make it. Probably the best way to go about it is to find that core group of people who are dedicated to showing up each week and then approach the casual players and encourage them to try it out. Keep your buy in cheap and offer the ability to play for free as well. You could even try getting some locals to make a trip to Sioux Falls for a tournament or to try out out a league round to experience the competitive side of disc golf. If you are looking for ways to attract new players to the sport you should try to host a non-sanctioned tournament with some temp holes added to make a full 18. You could even reach out to some seasoned players to come out and put on a clinic for the public. Great to see you are trying to help out the sport in Huron and good luck to ya!

Thanks Les!  You mentioned, "keep your buy in cheap."  I've heard that term before, but don't understand it.  What is that?

The buy-in would be what each person pays for the round. Our league here is usually $5 a person and then depending on the turnout you decide amongst yourselves what payouts will be for each division, for instance the top two or three places for open division would take home cash for the round. We also have the option to play for free, you just wouldn't be eligible to take cash or prizes. By keeping it cheap, I would say that $2-3 is a fair amount to charge for a new league starting out to try to attract new players. Hope this info helps.

   I know I am late to this disscussion but here are the guidelines for our league


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