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Hi everyone,

I spoke with Jason at the Big Sioux about the teepads, and he said that he will likey have the time and help available to put in the teepads sometime the last couple weeks of August. We need to get additional money raised to cover the cost ASAP.  I have 600 in the Big Sioux Disc Golf Club account that I raised through raffles and tournaments (500 to sponsor 2 holes and about 100 left over from the front 9). Thus, there are 7 holes left to be sponsored. Jason is hoping to get one more sponsor, and i believe some individuals in the "club"have said they wold either sponsor a hole or go in on one with a couple others. As far as the cement pads themselves go, we will only need an additional 300-400 to cover the cost (so two sponsorships). The remaining sponsorship money will go towards DGA signage and maybe some other ammenities. Sponsorship includes putting a businesses or peoples names on the second sign pane. Please contact me ASAP if you want to do a sponsorship, or can talk a business you know of into soonsoring a hole. No pressure, but we really need to do this now if we want the course finished this year. My cell is 553-3298 and I can get messages every day after work. Call me if you can help out communicating with Jason and keeping this thing rolling also.


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Ironically I talked to Jason that same night about the T-pads and told him I will sponsor a hole ($250). If that still leaves you $50 - $100 short let me know we can work something out, as long as we get that cement poured yet this summer! BTW Big Sioux is in really nice shape right now, minus the T-pads of course : )

thanks doug, yeah if we are just a hundred or so short, ill cover it. thanks for the sponsorship!!

Jason is trying to get a date nailed down with thier workers in meetings this week. He said it might be September though. I will need a couple volunteers to go out there and flag the teepads as soon as we get a date set. We need to make sure they are facing the right way as just a few degrees off can make a big difference - hole 2.

Jason really needs to get the baskets fixed that are chained wrong. So sick of putts spitting out all the time. Also, there has been talk of moving 16's tee over to the right and mowig a fairway through the brush, so that needs to be discussed as well. Maybe even see about redoing 2's tee pad as well and see about another pin location for hole 4 since apparently the short position can't be used anymore.

Hey John! I would be willing to go out there just to make sure everything is done right. I still don't know what the best solution for hole 13 would be. Round tee pad, wider at the front, two pads if there is extra concrete? I don't know. So will Jason need my cell phone number or do you want me to get his?

I think a round or slight hour glass shape would be perfect for 13.

Here are some thoughts/opinions I've had:

For 13, I think there needs to be some serious dirt moved or else the tee pad will just get covered in mud all the time. So, more than the tee-pad shape, we need to worry about getting that area leveled out.

I think the change to 16 should be to just move it forward anywhere from 10 to 40 feet. I personally don't see the need to move it right and cut a new fairway. You don't want to get in the way of 17's long position.

I don't think we should count on Jason to re-chain the baskets. That will probably fall to us to do sometime. We will want to let him know that we are going to do it though.

Finally, who ever is out there overseeing the construction needs to make sure they don't smooth out the concrete as much as the front 9. Have them leave some texture on them for grip in wet/muddy conditions.

Can't wait until this gets done! Let's just hope it actually happens this year!

I have talked to Jason regarding number 13. He plans to do some dirt work with the catipillar. As far as number 16, I think it just needs some serious trimming, and agree moving it up a bit would not hurt, though some of the challenge would be taken away. Regarding the chains, I have told Jason about them. Everyone else needs to keep talking about it to him and maybe set up a time to go out there and fix them. What has it been, 2 or 3 years now of all talk no walk. I don't think it makes a huge difference anyway, I've been seeing some pretty low scores out there this year! Just hit the center of the chains, not the side tailing away.

Here is the latest from Jason:


We have set a date to do the tee pad work. I think we will form the tees on October 1 and 2nd then pour on the 3rd of October weather permitting of course.


Justin I will take a look at your suggestions for 16 and if you guys have a chance in the time leading up to the tee pad work if you could come out and mark the front edge of the tee pads on the location you would like them that would be a big help so I can get them in the correct location.

I think 16 should just stay where it is at and just mow down the brush to the left of the last tree closest to the fairway on the right and make it a straighter fairway. Just my 2 cents.

#16 is not going to be moved. Taking thebikepath out of play, and putting #17 into play would be bad design flaws. It would wreck a great hole. I like the suggestion les makes of doing some more mowing, and also woud like to see more tree trimming. I will discuss this with Jason.

I noticed that 13's tee area was raised and levelled out. However, there is still a large section that wasn't touched and is going to become a bigger debacle than 2's tee if it doesn't get fixed as well. I know a lot of people are pushing for a v-shaped tee on 13, but I still say a large circle tee would be best. It would suit any kind of run-up for any type of player or shot for either pin placement. Not everyone is going to take the same approach to tackling those gaps, so why not have something that will work for everyone?


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